Oral Sex Tips that Will Make him Go Wild and Scream for More

I got head more times in my life than I can remember, from probably hundreds of different girls. I am not telling you this to brag, I don’t care whether you believe me or not. I’m not here to prove anything to you, all I want is to teach you. I’m fed up with all the girls that have no idea how to give proper blow jobs, but think they are good at it or are just too afraid to ask for advice and feedback. I’m also fed up that no one is out there to teach you girls this essential life skill – at least in my opinion. I love getting head, and so do so many other men out there, but sadly, since the feminist movement, the quality of the blow jobs has been going down.

I know this may sound funny to a lot of you, but good oral sex is crucial for a good marriage or relationship. Most of you girls out there have no idea how much a simple thing as a blow job can improve your relationship. The only important thing is that you get the right advice from someone who actually has some experience under his belt, rather than taking advice from your girlfriends that are lost in translation.

I’ll give you 2 simple tips that will get you on your way to giving really good oral, don’t forget that these are just the basics, but they alone can also help you become much better than the average girl out there.

One. Stop thinking. Yep, that’s my number one advice for most of you girls. The scenario is the same with almost every girl that’s insecure about giving oral. She undresses him, she starts giving him head slowly, and then he can see it in her eyes that she is lost, unsure of her self. He can see her making this “I’m working” look on her face. What’s the point of that? Those are not the emotions you want to convey during a blow job. You want to look happy, not confused.

What you need to do is to get out of your head, stop thinking about stuff like “Why didn’t he came yet?” or “Am I doing it right?” and similar nonsense. When giving him oral sex – you need to be present. You need to be there, in the moment, and you need to be passionate about it. You need to enjoy every moment of sucking his penis and THAT is what he has to see in your eyes. Doing this alone will make him happier than ever, and you’ll see the results once he orgasms. Actually, you’ll see the REAL results later, after the blow job. Later, when he starts loving you, buying you presents, taking you out to classy restaurants and sweeping you off your feet every single day. Why? Because you gave him something 90% of other women can’t give him – you guessed it – you gave him really great oral.

Two. You absolutely need passion. If there’s no passion while you’re giving him oral, then the chance of that blow job being great are close to ZERO. Is that what you want? I guess not. I can already hear some of you asking “but how can I be passionate about it when it’s so icky, yucky, smelly and grouse?”, or “Yeah, but how can I be passionate about something I don’t like at all?”.

The answer is simple. ACT. If there’s anything women are good at (just joking, you girls are good at a lot of stuff) – then it’s acting. Play the role, be naughty, be hot, be seductive – love every single moment of it. And once you see the results this will produce, I 100% GUARANTEE you’ll actually start genuinely loving blow jobs, you’ll start loving the entire process. And then you’ll naturally get even better at giving oral.

Why would you do this? Why would you even think about learning how to give better blow jobs? This is something that can not be explained. Let’s bet. Use the techniques, tactics and tricks I’m talking about on your man 3 times – ONLY 3 times. And see the amazing results for yourself.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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