How to Give Your Boyfriend Mind-blowing Oral Sex

Giving their boyfriend oral sex can be a challenge for many women. Will he like it? Maybe I'll hurt him? What if I throw up? Am I doing it right? and similar questions may pop-up in your head while giving your boyfriend oral.

The easiest thing I can tell you is to stop worrying. Being nervous and insecure about it won't help you much. Yes, you may mess up, yes it might be a bad blow job - but it's not the end of the world. As long as you're trying to improve and giving your best to become better, every guy will appreciate the effort.

The problem is that most women are too afraid to try, or in case they're not that good - they just give up practicing and try to "pass" it when it comes to sex. That's all nice, but don't get surprised if he ends up with some other women who's perfect at giving oral. You probably don't see the benefits of being able to give your boyfriend or husband great oral. I assure you, there are more than enough benefits.

The moment you decide that it's okay to fail a few times before you actually become great is the moment you'll see improvements. It's okay to make mistakes, view it as a fun experience and not a chore. Over time you'll figure out that it's not that much about technique as much as it's about having the proper attitude.

A simple thing you can already change is the amount of saliva you are using. It's very important that everything is wet, so it slides easier. That's why you need to use your tongue a lot, and be passionate. Once you yourself get turned on from giving him oral you'll produce more fluids. Also, drink some water before you start, you don't want to stop in the middle of it from being tired or feeling sore. Spit on his shaft, or you can even have a glass of juice next to you and take a sip from time to time - but keep one hand on his shaft and don't let him go, as you're drinking and maybe resting a bit, keep on slowly stroking his shaft, take a few sips and continue.

- written by our guest author, Jenny
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