How to Give Perfect Oral Sex to a Man

Most of you girls out there have absolutely no idea why it's important to give your man great oral sex, as often as possible. The reason is simple - your man will love you, adore you, and be a billion times more cooperative with you in everything. With the children, with helping out in the house. He'll be calm as a baby, relaxed, satisfied - he won't have the need to look at other women, run around, he'll be happy and satisfied. In love with you, turned on by you - wanting YOU, since he'll know that you are one of the few women that knows how to give proper blow jobs. Most women don't know how to do it properly - so all you really need is to be better than the average girl. Which isn't that hard if you think about it.

What is average? And who the hell am I to determine what "average" is? I'm Jack. The guy that received oral from more women than I can remember. The "average" is taken from those experiences. But enough about me, back to you and your oral sex skills. If you do any of the following things, you can be considered an "average" oral sex practitioner.

Women with average oral sex skills:

• have a strange look on their face while giving head, as if they are confused, deep down in their head they are thinking, and thinking and thinking... "am I doing it right?", "does he like it?", "do I look stupid from up there?", "why didn't he cum yet?", "oh, what if I scratch him", "It tastes strange". And all that sort of crap.

If you are thinking more than you are "feeling" while giving head - you are probably average. Or worse. A lot of you are below average, actually. So the average in general is of low quality. Most of you are miserable. So instead of tackling the problem and trying to solve it - by getting equipped with the right information and practicing - you just EVADE doing it at all. Which is even worse.

• you don't have a "feeling" or love for what you are doing. You are giving him oral just because you think "I should be doing it I guess", or because it's a god damn "anniversary". if that's the reason you are giving him oral, then you are most likely crap at it.

• you view the whole thing as WORK, as a "job", instead of something pleasurable for both of you. You put it as if he was owing you something, or you're acting like a feminist.

• you don't let him cum in your mouth, let alone swallow.

• you have absolutely no idea when to stroke faster, harder, how to stroke, how to suck, where to lick, why to lick it there, what to say, how to say it, how to turn him on, you are just "sucking away" and hoping he'll cum so your neck stops hurting. you're making this face as if someone was forcing you to do it, torturing you, choking you to death basically.

That's basically how average women give oral, or they don't give it at all. The results - Your man will be watching porn all day, fantasizing about REAL blow jobs, amazing one's, full of love and passion, juicy action, that can turn him on both mentally and physically. Unfortunately - you can't do that. So he has to search elsewhere, and sooner or later - you're filing for divorce after you find out he's cheating on you. That's what happens when you are bossing him around, nagging, complaining - and not satisfying him in bed. You never thought about the possibility that if YOU took charge to spice up your sex life - maybe it would motivate HIM to give his best to satisfy YOU.

And if you are STILL thinking about shit like "yeah but why doesn't HE try to do something about it bla bla bla blaaa" - then you are DEFINITELY below average when it comes to giving head.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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