3 Tips for Giving Guys The Best Oral Pleasure

Oral sex is very important for a relationship or marriage to function properly. It is easy to get into a day to day struggle to maintain attraction in the relationship - but if you are able to spice up your sex life, then there's no easier way to do it than by giving your man great oral pleasure.

Tip Number One

Focus on getting him to relax. You need to get him and yourself into a comfortable position so you can both get more pleasure from the whole experience. Over time you'll see that giving and receiving oral sex are both more of a mental than a physical thing - that's why it's very important that you mentally (physically too of course) prepare your husband or boyfriend for receiving a blow job. Turn off your cell phone, put away all potential distractions and play it cool. Put on some erotic music, get him to relax with words. Once he is not in his head anymore, when he stopped thinking and is in the moment - he will enjoy everything a lot more.

Tip Number Two

Keep eye contact while giving him oral pleasure. It's essential. You don't have to stare at him all the time, but he has to see you (so don't turn off the lights!), he has to see you loving every moment of being right there, between his legs. You really have to WANT to be there. And it's all in your eyes, you can see everything in the eyes. Smile, let him see the joy in your eyes, the love, the passion.

Tip Number Three

Be more seductive and naughty. Don't be afraid of going "wild" when giving your guy oral. Have fun with it. You should go "wild" a bit and be kinky, let the "demons" out and be more open minded during the whole process. No, he's not going to think you are a “slut” if you talk dirty, he will love you for it. Men want a lady in the streets and a “ho” between the sheets. Always keep that in mind.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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