How to Make a Man Happy with Oral Sex - And Save Your Relatioship

Believe it or not - oral sex can save your relationship. Probably 98% of guys out there love getting oral, (if it's good that is), unfortunately - most of them are not getting it, some are getting none at all (probably for all the right reasons) - others are getting it but it's low quality. Women don't have where to go for real advice on oral sex that actually works. But I'll tell you the basics of making your man truly happy by giving him great oral.

How to Give Perfect Oral Sex to a Man

Most of you girls out there have absolutely no idea why it's important to give your man great oral sex, as often as possible. The reason is simple - your man will love you, adore you, and be a billion times more cooperative with you in everything. With the children, with helping out in the house. He'll be calm as a baby, relaxed, satisfied - he won't have the need to look at other women, run around, he'll be happy and satisfied. In love with you, turned on by you - wanting YOU, since he'll know that you are one of the few women that knows how to give proper blow jobs. Most women don't know how to do it properly - so all you really need is to be better than the average girl. Which isn't that hard if you think about it.

How to Give Good Oral to a Guy - What Your Guy Wants You to Know

You need to love giving your man oral. That is step number one my dear ladies – there is nothing more important when giving your man oral than truly being in love with doing it. He has to see that you’re not doing it to give him something – to give him pleasure, but you are doing this because You are getting amazing pleasure from having your lips around his penis. Do it for your pleasure, not his, and as a result he will feel amazing.

What I’m talking about is something that most women seem to completely forget, or even if they hear it – they’re still searching for some special technique. Yes, there are good oral sex techniques that will help you perfect your oral skills – but it’s NOT about your technique.

Blow Job Techniques: Start With Good Foreplay and Get him Dizzy

As far as a blow job goes there are several aspects that can be considered as foreplay, from the way you look to how you prepare your mouth. So let's start with the first step:

Getting your mouth ready: It is very important to have a well lubricated mouth for a good blow job. If your mouth is too dry not only will the man not enjoy it but also your jaw will tire fast and you will be uncomfortable which will directly impact the guys experience. Start by drinking a little water or even some juice so that your mouth can salivate adequately. You need to be well hydrated before you start so this is an absolute must.