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Hello Jack would just like to congratulate you on the awesome book for us girls and blowjobs!

I've now realised I actually DO give the best,after reading through everything you wrote,but was a little worried that my man and previous boyfriends were just 'being polite' so to speak, but now feel so much more confident in myself.

I was sitting here today and thinking about when he came home from work,what I wanted to do to him, and if there was anything I could do to improve,and typed in 'How to give a better blowjob' and came across your site. It's really humbled me knowing that I do give him everything he wants,and it's true that if we really enjoy it (I LOVVVVVE sucking on him!!!!!) he'll enjoy it more,he said to me a few weeks ago that he loves getting head from me because he know's I love doing it so much.

So anyways,just a little thanks for the confidence boost! :-D