How to Make a Man Happy with Oral Sex - And Save Your Relatioship

Believe it or not - oral sex can save your relationship. Probably 98% of guys out there love getting oral, (if it's good that is), unfortunately - most of them are not getting it, some are getting none at all (probably for all the right reasons) - others are getting it but it's low quality. Women don't have where to go for real advice on oral sex that actually works. But I'll tell you the basics of making your man truly happy by giving him great oral.

First of all, you have to change your attitude when it comes to giving oral. Every potential negative thought you might have - forget it. Stop thinking about the negatives and focus on the positive. There are more than enough benefits your relationship can have from great oral - maybe you just don't know it yet. You should become your mans fantasy, or he might find it somewhere else - and I'm pretty sure you don't want that happening.

Anyway - here are the basics. And you can get advanced tips later.

Oral Sex Basics - 1
Take charge. You are in a leading position here. His potential pleasure or ultimate pain (yep, you could just go crazy and bite it off) depends completely on you. So what you do is what you get - or what you don't get in case you don't give head properly. Anyway, take charge, be proactive. Look for feedback and adjust your technique. That's part of the reason why eye contact is important, so you can see his reactions.

Oral Sex Basics - 2
Give him oral with your whole body - not just your mouth. You have to use everything you've got... combine and mix up stroking, sucking, licking, tickling, dirty talking. You should combine all that. As I've said - Use your entire body.

Oral Sex Basics - 3
Be more seductive and naughty. Don't be afraid to unleash your sexuality, enjoy it as much as he does, act naughty and get him turned on. You are submitting to him when giving him head - and even though you may think that he will look "low" at you after that or disrespect you. I guarantee you that it will be the complete opposite. He'll adore you.
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