How to Give Good Oral to a Guy - What Your Guy Wants You to Know

You need to love giving your man oral. That is step number one my dear ladies – there is nothing more important when giving your man oral than truly being in love with doing it. He has to see that you’re not doing it to give him something – to give him pleasure, but you are doing this because You are getting amazing pleasure from having your lips around his penis. Do it for your pleasure, not his, and as a result he will feel amazing.

What I’m talking about is something that most women seem to completely forget, or even if they hear it – they’re still searching for some special technique. Yes, there are good oral sex techniques that will help you perfect your oral skills – but it’s NOT about your technique.

It’s a mental thing, you need to get your mind straight and you need to get his mindset straight as well. Because if he is inside his thoughts, thinking about other stuff – then he won't be able to relax and truly enjoy the experience of great oral – which will results in a much less satisfying orgasm – and that’s not what you’re looking for, are you?

My suggestion is that you focus on changing the way you think about performing oral - once you improve your mindset, and adapt a proper one, all doors will be open to you. Men from all over the world will love you because they’ll sense the vibe you’ve got from having a different attitude towards sex and oral sex in general. Girls that give good oral are immediately far more attractive than girls that don’t give oral at all and think it’s disgusting or "dirty".

- this article was written by your insane blow job instructor, Jack
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