How Oral Sex Can Improve Your Relationship

Most marriages and relationship fail because the lack of high quality sex. Even if there was good sex in the beginning, couples kind of get lost in their everyday lives and lose their sex drive - or maybe it's not lost, just hidden under everything.

What better way to spice up your sex life and replenish your relationship than with great oral sex? Men love it - and in case you don't love it (now's a good time to start), you'll love it later once you get good at giving oral.

Some women need to get over their shyness when it comes to giving their man oral. Forget about turning off the lights. Men are visual creatures and we need to see you. If you can't relax with the lights on that's a clear sign you're not that good and you don't understand what turns on guys during oral. Let's fix that and make the world a happier place.

So, what do guys want when you give them oral?

One - They want love and emotion, believe it or not. Not in a way that you're too passionate, kissing their "friend" all slowly and sweetly (that's another story) - but emotion in a way that he can see the fire in your eyes, the incredible desire to get him to orgasm. That's what we want to see - that you REALLY want to be right there where you are and that you are completely comfortable with being there, enjoying it and wanting more and more of it. That's the first thing men want to see. If you can learn how to control his emotions, you'll be able to turn him on and give him earth shattering orgasms whenever you feel like it.

Two - The second thing we want to see is a smile. A nice big smile further convincing us that you are not only enjoying it, but you are also having fun. You are connected with us on a deeper level. It is a source of pleasure for you, not a pain that you "have to" go through.

Three - Of course, we want you to swallow. Try putting up a whole show. You'll see over time that oral sex isn't as much about techniques as much as it's about having the right attitude and personality during oral.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack

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